Album of ARDL Cointegrating Bounds Testing Approach

Since more and more people are entering in the field of research and ARDL model is becoming widely used among the young researchers. The issue with this model is that is description is not yet available in any of the text-book hence learning its procedure is bit hectic. There are manuals provided to run ARDL in this blog for Eveiws, Microfit and Stata.

In this blog i have shared an album of all the popular videos which are available on internet regarding the procedure of this ARDL cointegrating bounds testing approach model. Hopefully it will generate enough information for you to try this model in your data yourself.

ARDL Approach To Cointegration.avi from on Vimeo.

ARDL estimation in Eviews from on Vimeo.

ARDL using MICROFIT in urdu from on Vimeo.

ARDL Estimation in EViews – Eviews 9 manual from on Vimeo.

Forecasting using ARDL approach to Cointegration from on Vimeo.

ARDL approach to co-integration using General-to-Specific procedure from on Vimeo.

Estimation of ARDL In Microfit from on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “Album of ARDL Cointegrating Bounds Testing Approach

  1. ALI says:

    please interpret the as shown in the following ARDL model (short run) between the brackets (1, 1,1, 0, 1,0). what are these numbers mean ?
    which is in the main page

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