Tentative Panel Data Model Selection Plan

Based on few studies on comparison of panel data models and exploring the eveiws and stata help I have come across a tentative flow chart showing the symptoms which will lead to a particular model selection. Since it is a tentative flow chart any suggestions are welcomed.

panel data model selection- noman arshed


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5 thoughts on “Tentative Panel Data Model Selection Plan

  1. nasiru inuwa says:

    my suggestions are:first the clasification should be based on static, dynamic and nonstationary panels.second, in the place where you stated hausman test you included pols but the little i knew hausman test choose the suitability between FE and RE alone, but BF LM test does between POLS and RM. I stand to be corrected if i made mistakes

    1. Noman Arshed says:

      thank you for your suggestion, yes i thought of making it in the bases of static, dynamic and non stationary panels, but instead of that I used the assumptions which these models are covering. Hopefully I will make another.
      Actually the diagram is made such a way that it is assumed that there is hetroscedasticity before selecting FE or RE that is why in such case doing LM test is not necessary. Yes if I stay within the static model system then I would have explained LM or Redundant Cross section test too.

  2. amin says:

    it was very a detail chart to know about panel data analysis but kindly explain it with small notes so that students who are not much familiar with econometrics can easily understand

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