Days of Future Past and We Humans

We are living in the world with so many facilities which were invented and introduced to us by the Will of GOD, that at least it is beyond my ability to count them. With these facilities our working ability has increase many times such that now a days if we do not have work we seem to feel use less.

But this technology has made us dependent too, dependent on fuel, dependent on luxury, dependent on fashion and dependent on rest. Recently I saw the movie “Dawn of Planet of the Apes” it highlighted the same issue that humans have so much technology still they cannot live united and they are dependent such that without gas or fuel can might seize to exist.

Lets observe it is very late in the night and there is no electricity, it will seem too dark for us, not the “dark” dark it is actually “evil” dark for us. Similar imaginations can be made on other necessities on which we are very much dependent. Its not far in the past when there as no concept of plane flight, no concept of mobile and television. But we seem to enjoy it with so much ease that we think we deserve it without thanking the provider.

It was just overview of present lifestyle, now if you go more than 2000-2500 years back , there was no such facilities, not even burgers or biryani, no telecommunication, no social media, no selfies and no parties. People at that time probably do not know how big the world is. It might be so dark at the night that without help of stars you cannot walk as there is no reference of Google maps or mile stones at that time.  People used to walk to other places no cars  or bicycles with speed around about 15 kmph, well if you calculate with 10 hours of walking only 150 kms covered hmm!! that person will not going to reach any where.

I was picturing this because Islam has send 1 Lakh and 24 thousand Prophets / Messengers on Earth all in this dark ages but they became special people because of their devotion to Islam and good deeds. They did not have any facility which we boast on.

Now compare yourself, where we stand. We have every facility that we can imagine. we can connect to a friend on other side of the world. Still we feel tired to stand up for thanking the blessing of Almighty and all the do all the rights directed by Islam and avoid all the wrongs directed by Islam. Point to ponder ! isn’t it?

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