Professional Writing using LaTeX

Welcome, this blog is about learning the first steps in professional writing in LaTeX.  There are several benefits of professional writing in this software as compared to MS word.

  • This software is completely free, where as some people use the cracked version of Ms word. Now a days new research journals do require your licence key of MS word to check you have prepared your manuscript in original software, where as you do no have to require any formality for LaTeX. It is freely available at  THIS LINK
  • This software has templates which makes writing long documents a lot easier, where as in MS word you have to give special time in formatting the document. And the headache comes when you have already written 50+ equations and numbered them and at the end you found another equation to be placed somewhere at the start then you have to change the numbers on all the equations plus you have to find all the places where it is referenced and arrange that too. It can be see from the figure below.


  •  There are several versions of LaTeX, here we are talking about MikTeX, it has one advantage that it automatically installs new plugins when you use them.
  • It takes less space than the word document, and as it is stored in pdf format there are no chances of it to be damaged by virus.

Following are the coded document and its sample output generated from LaTeX. Make sure when you open the syntax in LaTeX go to format then syntax coloring then LaTeX so that you can see coloring of the syntax in terms of what is text and what is function.

There are many training websites for this software, which can be used for more advanced learning. Hopefully advanced versions will be updated in this blog soon.

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