Writing References using MS Word

Mostly people do not know how to do references while doing their write-ups and tend to copy the method from some paper or try doing it manually. The problem here is that the referencing pattern you are trying to copy might be to what is required from you or the manual method might take ages if you have too many articles and manuscripts to cite.

First step is to open the article and your word file in parallel form, like image below.


Then open the reference option button from the top you will see drop-down menu named as style which have following options inside. APA, Chicago, Harvard etc. Select the style which is required. Then select insert citation and inside select add new source like the image below


It will open a new window where you can select the type of manuscript you are citing and once it is selected you can start filling the relevant information.


Here entering the author names in bit complex as we need to tell which is the first name, second name and Surname.  It is done by pressing the edit button in front of Author option in a new pop up window like below, ones all the names are added here just press Ok and come back.

step4Once all the information is added and press OK , you will see one citation like (Arshed, 2013) on the MS Word, use this as citing this study in your research, you will have one each for each manuscript you inserted.

After you have inserted all your required manuscripts you can go to the bibliography button and press insert bibliography. It will arrange all your inserted manuscripts into arranged style which was specified earlier. Make sure you press this button when your cursor is at the end of the document where we usually keep references. This is it, this way you can quickly and accurately manage your reference without using any other software.


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