Using Microsoft for Simple Regression Analysis

This blog is for a quick tip how to run simple regression in Microsoft Excel.

For adding Regression tool Pack in Microsoft Excel visit following link..

The sample data with is used for this example is based on hypothesis

“Students which have higher admission test exam marks usually end up having higher GPA”

Step 1:

Place you data in the Excel sheet and look for data analysis button in the Data menu.

Regression in excel 1

Step 2:

After selecting the data analysis, it will provide you a list of options, from which you have to find the option of regression analysis

regression in excel 2

Step 3:

Here select the dependent variable in the input Y range with its label too, and independent variable in input X range with it label and select the option of label below. There are several options available for the use.

Regression in excel 3

Step 4:

Excel will show simple regression results in a new sheet. According to these results the coefficient of the independent variable is positive and significant hence the marks in the entry test exam do positively affect the GPA.

Regression in excel 4

There are few other statistics options available in this plugin.

Data file : data file excel regression

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